Polar Bear Chiller 240 Watt
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Polar Bear Chiller 240 Watt
Item #: CAI71399
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Item #: CAI71399
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Description: Polar Bear In-line Chiller with LED Digital Controller
Introducing the latest development from Commodity Axis, Inc. The ViaAqua Polar Bear Chiller for your aquarium needs. Using state of the art technology & engineering has enabled Commodity Axis to introduce a professional grade refrigeration unit at an affordable price. The ViaAqua Polar Bear Chiller incorporates only the highest quality components with our UL listed and CE listed rotary compressor and a non-corrosive titanium cooling core. The digital controller makes setting, changing and reading the temperature easy.

Constant digital temperature read-out.
Maximum cooling efficiency.
Titanium heat exchanger.
The R134 refrigerate meets all environmental and international guidelines.
Adjustable temperature controller.
Thermal protected compressor

Model- CC25
Power- 240 watts
Min. water flow- 100 GPH
Max.water flow- 400 GPH
Weight- 21 lbs>br>Dimensions- 11.5"W x 9.5"H x 14"L
Tank size: 20-75 gallons

UPC: 006903713993